Mint: August 14th Mint: August 14th Mint: August 14th
Mint: August 14th Mint: August 14th Mint: August 14th


We are two long time blockchain enthusiasts and Rastafari advocates who believe that Rasta holds a special place in the Bitcoin culture. Seany has been inspired by reggae music and the message of Rastafari since he was 12 years old coming from a Catholic school and studying the Bible and the differences in the two faiths. Jk has been a Crypto enthusiast for 5+ years. He loves nature and mountain biking all around Jah Creation. He is inspired by the Rastafari message and is a forward thinker.


The Rastas are a collection of 1,000 unique generative Ordinals inspired by Rastafari culture. The Rastas are the first collection inscribed with the BERC-721 standard giving them multichain capabilities beyond Bitcoin and into the metaverse.


The Rastas team have acquired 20 districts of IMSO Bitmap Valley, an online metaverse world utilizing Bitcoin Ordinals and historical block data from the Bitmap standard. In this world the Rastas can have access to custom experiences outlined in the roadmap below. 


-08/14 Whitelist mint goes live on

-08/15 public mint opens if any spots remain

-list collection on all major ordinals marketplaces 

-list on Opensea (possible with BERC-721)

-Late August Bitmap Valley metaverse launches 

-Rastas holder utilities on our lands, custom avatars, community areas, games, events will be created over the next months 

-Expansion and integration into our XSpectar metaverse land (XSpectar“)

– Community owned Districts in Bitmap Valley are fully optimized with a town hall, beaches, community owned stores, art galleries, digital collectibles

– Land leasing to 3rd parties and selling ad space where a portion of funds generated go into Rastas Treasury

– Hosted events in the metaverse 

– Rasta avatars rendered in Unreal Engine 5



Co-Founder / Marketing Lead


Co-Founder / Product Lead



IMSO Chris



Advisor, CEO at XSpectar


Join the discord and inquire (Click Here To Join Discord)

Xverse, Hiro and Unisat wallets are supported. Simply visit and click connect wallet.

Whitelisted addresses are permitted 1 mint each. After 24 hours the public sale will open and there is no mint limit. 

Notice: Network fees could be higher when the Public Sale opens if there is a rush of minting transactions all at once

Simple: It is an ordinal inscription standard leveraging a method of mapping and extraction to withdraw and re-issue assets between Bitcoin and EVM Chains chains in a decentralized way. (Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Avalanche and others)

*Using these fuctionalities will always be optional and never mandatory for Rastas holders. Your ordinal doesn’t have to leave Bitcoin unless you want it to!Technical:


0.003 $BTC + inscription network fees (estimated at 6 to 10$ based on recent fee data)

Bitmap is an Ordinal Inscription standard that utilizes historical bitcoin block data. More info:


Please join our discord (Click Here To Join Discord) we are happy to answer any.